Conservationist’s reading list

This is a personal reading list of books and articles I have read and that influenced me as well as others that I want to read. (Last updated 2013)


  • Against Extinction by Bill Adams (highly recommended, planning to read)
  • The Mystery of Capital by Hernan de Soto
  • Nature Unbound by Brockington, Duffy and Igoe (read it)
  • The New Politics of Conservation by David Johns (planning to read)
  • Making Political Ecology by Robert Neumann
  • Trade-Offs in Conservation edited by Nigel Leader-Williams, Bill Adams (read it)
  • Prosperity Without Growth, by Timothy Jackson (planning to read)
  • Silent Spring by Rachel Carson (read it)
  • Conservation, Vol III: Conservation and Development, by Bill Adams (planning to read key chapters)
  • Nature Crime: How we’re getting conservation wrong by Rosaleen Duffy (planning to read – hopefully not too depressing)
  • The Idea of Biodiversity by David Takacs (read it)
  • Who cares about wildlife? Social science concepts for exploring human-wildlife relationships and conservation ideas by Michael Manfredo (read it)

Authors from the South (mainly India) recommended by an Indian classmate for non-Western perspectives:

  • Ramachandra Guha (read it, see blog posts related to this)
  • Madhav Gadgil (together with Guha have writtend some of the first books on ecology & the environment)
  • Arun Agrawal (Political Economy)
  • Mahesh Rangarajan (Env Historian)
  • K. Sivaramakrishnan(Env historian): Ecological Nationalism, co edited along with Gunnel Cederlof is a great read
  • Vandana Shiva (Eco-feminist)
  • Vasant Sabharwal & Ashwini Chhatre
  • Ashish Kothari
  • Amita Baviskar (Political Ecology)
  • Anil Agarwal & Sunita Narain

My classmates, friends, colleagues and family regularly send me articles and videos that they think are worth sharing, so here are a few:

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