Update: 2017

Welcome back to you, and to me! I started this blog in 2011 and kept it fairly active until sometime in 2013, when other things took priority. It’s 2017 and I feel inspired to write again, so I’ve re-opened Learning Conservation.

A few words about where this blog has come from and where it’s heading. It was first called “At the frontier” and focused purely on conservation. While I studied for a masters in Conservation Leadership in 2010-2011 I changed the name to Learning Conservation. And in 2012 while I travelled across Asia by bike with my now-husband (then friend) I wrote about environmental issues and some travel.

Near the end of the trip I wrote a post about what I called “Responsible happiness“. That post seemed to resonate with my readers, and since then I have wanted to write about everything I learn because what you learn in the process of being human can all be applied to how you do conservation.

So from now on I hope to write both about things I learn for my conservation job, and about things I learn about being a human being.


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