“Conservation must be done differently!”

When you keep finding yourself reading articles on the same idea you start to realize it might be an issue on your mind. Just the other day I was thinking to myself, wow everyone seems to be talking about how we need new ways of doing conservation.

For example, Jem Bendell talks about the spirit of adventure that we need to tackle conservation and sustainability in a new way. Hilary Rosner on Ensia.com examines whether conservation is extinct ( ! ) and says we need a new ‘map for conservation’ but at least we all agree about that. 

And then it hit me that all these articles are popping up because that’s what I’m looking for. Currently at a transtion point with a background in species conservation, a masters in conservation leadership, and a year’s worth of spirited adventure, a new way of Julie doing conservation is definitely on my mind.

So where will it be? In the heart of a conservation organisation? In an economic one? In a company working on improving their sustainability practices? Please share links in the comments below to any other articles that may be providing you inspiration on new paradigms for conservation.