The greatest leadership challenge of our time

The greatest leadership challenge of our time is to create a sustainable future.

“The future is not something to be discovered or predicted, the future is to be created.”

This is so inspiring to me. No more thinking of the impending doom of a future full of extinction. Instead, we need to train each other to imagine a future we want…and then work out how we will get there. The future can be more of what we want and less of what we fear.

And on leadership generally, this quote below really speaks to me because it shows how important self-awareness and reflection is. We need to understand ourselves, the way our society operates, or the underlying norms that come from ‘Mother Culture’ in order to see a new way forward:

“We really don’t see the world as the world is: we see the world as we are…. an extremely important point in leadership.”

These quotes were said by Göran Carstedt in a lecture he gave at my university last night. A very similar talk is available on YouTube.


So now you can ask yourself what Göran Carstedt asked us: “What kind of future do I want to be part of co-creating?”