What’s got me buzzing

I’m buzzing. It’s a new term I just invented for myself to describe the semi hyperactive state I get into when I have too many ideas in my head and I’m just excited about them and about life. I literally feel twitchy and have a hard time concentrating when this happens. In a social psychology class today I learned that there our neocortex has an Optimal Arousal Level and I think mine has been surpassed!
So here is what’s got me buzzing right now:

  • lots of ideas on how to structure my protected areas essay
  • business ideas I might want to develop
  • thinking about my future role towards environment from a business perspective
  • a possible connection to being coached
  • to be a mentor that would help social entrepreneurs
  • personal development ideas about networking
  • I want to bounce ideas around about environmental entrepreneurship
  • What aspects of NGO-led conservation could be turned into a business?
  • Business can still work even if it is a “non-loss” business – how intriguing!
  • a compliment I received today
  • maybe the best way to distribute a solution to a problem is not to give it away but to sell it
  • How can our class have a virtual bulletin board where we can share links and documents?
  • How can we make time to share ideas and help each other develop them?
  • How can we work together to learn more about ourselves as agents of change? (either as facilitators, leaders, managers, field-workers, or just conservationists in general)
  • Wondering if there is a way to educate conservation funders about how to encourage more honest evaluation from the people they give money to, to ensure that we get evidence of what works – and what doesn’t – every time we try a conservation project.

So what happened today to cause this? I worked on my protected areas essay, I had a lecture on evidence-based conservation, I went to ‘Enterprise Tuesday’ and heard about social entrepreneurship, I went to a social psychology class, I had a really good conversation with a classmate, I helped organize an event with my class and I received a compliment by email from a classmate.