Fishery closed due to climate change

For the first time ever a fishery has been closed due to climate change:
“A federal fishery panel voted Thursday [05.02.2009] to close off a large swath of the Arctic sea to commercial fishing. The move was a pre-emptive measure to protect more than 150,000 square nautical miles north of the Bering Strait that have become more accessible as a result of the warming Arctic climate.” (NY Times 05.02.2009)

The article goes on to say that the closure was largely supported by industry and conservation groups. I can’t tell if this is unusually good news or if there is something suspect – maybe industry doesn’t think there are marketable fish there anyway.

While looking into this I also read that the Bering Sea is the source of most of the fish consumed in the US – I did not know this and need to look into this further to see if it is true and what type of fish are caught in the Bering Sea.

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Place where fishery was closed: Bering Sea